The Logan Fine Art Gallery Features Cache Valley's Best Artists and Sculptors
November 08, 2018

The Logan Fine Art Gallery Features Cache Valley's Best Artists and Sculptors

Just four minutes from our apartments in Logan is an art venue featuring the best artists and sculptors in Cache Valley.

It's called the Logan Fine Art Gallery, and it is found inside what was once a cinema.

Artists include:

Barbara Summer Edwards

After graduating from Utah State University with a degree in illustration, Barbara Summers Edwards evolved as a fine art oil and watercolor painter. She often portrays figurative imageries, and her realistic work has earned an array of awards. Barbara's paintings are found in galleries from Texas to Utah, and the piece entitled "Gotcha!" hangs in the state's governor's mansion.

Colleen Howe

Colleen Howe was born in American Fork, though she grew up on a large cattle ranch in southwestern Montana. She attended a two-room schoolhouse where she took advantage of her free time by drawing on the manila paper she found in the back of the classroom. Colleen later studied painting at Brigham Young University, and she is attracted to the textures in the landscape. She has received recognition in both local and national competitions, and recently completed an eleven-painting commission for Utah State University.

David Jackson

Ogden native David Jackson became interested in art at a young age. He taught art to high school students for nearly thirty years before retiring to devote more time to his work. David's renowned for his accurate depictions of wildlife and western landscapes, and he has also crafted monumental bronze sculptures for both individuals and businesses.

Ernie Verdine

Ernie Verdine moved to Utah in 1992, and he is a mainly self-taught artist who enjoys painting landscapes using watercolors, oils, and acrylics. Ernie always uses heavy paper and boards, and states that his painting style is what it is at any given moment.

The Logan Fine Art Gallery is just one of the art venues near our apartment community. If you are looking for a place to live, please contact our leasing agents. They'd love to give you a tour.