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Spring Fun in Your Area

We love spring time because it give us an opportunity to get out and have some fun! We are so excited to share with you some fun spring events happening in your area!

  • Pool Party at Springwood on June 15

We hope we get the opportunity to hang out with you at these fun events. See you there!

Latest News

Nov 5
Improve Your Credit Score by Paying Rent?

Yes, that IS true. In the past some considered paying rent just throwing away money as it only provided you a place to live but basically did nothing to benefit the financial/credit part of your life. Until now! RentPlus is a unique program offered by Wasatch Premier Communities that, when you pay rent on time, reports that to select credit agencies to help build your credit which will increase your credit score without incurring any additional debt! How cool is that?! And it counts the same as paying a mortgage, one third of your score! All for a nominal fee for ever resident who is on a lease! When YOU rent, ask your Leasing Professional how you can take advantage of RentPlus right away to start building your credit today!