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I have lived at San Marino for about 4 months now and I enjoy it, mostly. The quality of the buildings inside and out is great, it's definitely a very beautiful complex. The maintenance staff is great; very helpful and friendly. They make an effort to respond to your issues right away. Also, I find the office staff very helpful. Every time I go in there to ask questions or report some problem, they treat me very well and one of them will even greet me by name. They take parking very seriously, I once came home to someone else's car in my spot (probably 11:00 at night) and not only did a maintenance worker answer my call, he stayed on the line until I had all the information I needed to fix the problem myself and even called to check on the situation again the next day AND the property manager was notified and emailed me several times to ensure that the situation was rectified. I haven't had a problem with parking since then. While the complex is located right next to a business building, I haven't experienced any problems related with people who work there bothering anyone or anything on our side of the fence. The views are beautiful from my apartment, although I can't say the same thing is true for someone else located in a different building. Most of my neighbors are quiet, considerate, and friendly. I always see dogs around and yet I've never had a problem with dogs barking or causing commotion. My only issues with San Marino are people not picking up after their pets and noise. Noise is somewhat of a big issue for me, maybe just because of the building I am in and its location, but nether the less I find it a big issue. I have neighbors that don't seem to care what time of night it is when they decide to either fight (loudly) or slam doors in one case, or in another case they don't seem to be courteous enough NOT to work on their truck in the middle of the night, and lastly I've had issues with someone deciding to start up their motorcycle every morning between 2:00 AM and 4:30 AM and ride it around the complex. Noise is the only problem I've run into living here, but it is a huge issue for me. I also hear construction type noises happening at all times of day, however I don't know where they could be coming from. If San Marino could fix these issues, I would definitely give them 5 stars.

~ Natalie Grey - Google Review


Thank you for the great encouragement and ways we can improve Natalie. Please let us know if we can do anything else for you :)

~ The Team at San Marino Apartments

We have lived here for a few months now and have loved it! The apartments are nice and spacious and the location is great. They are separated from things, but still have very easy access to the freeway.

~ Ashlee Bagley - Google Review


We are glad you love living here! We love having you here Ashlee.

~ The Team at San Marino Apartments

My wife and I moved to San Marino a few months ago, and we love it. The property is well kept, the maintenance staff is punctual and knowledgeable, and the office staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Our move-in process went off without a hitch and we were surprised to find a gift from Brad, our leasing agent, in our apartment upon move-in. The location is parkway-adjacent and surrounded with beautiful wildlife. They recently added an area on the property for dogs to play, they changed the landscaping across the property to match the season, and they hold events for residents to get free meals and meet other people from the complex. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to live in South Jordan.

~ Stephen J. Allen - Google Review


Thanks for the great review Stephen! We are happy you call San Marino home. :)

~ The Team at San Marino Apartments

I have lived here for the past 7 months. The staff is genuinely friendly and helpful. The maintenance staff are really great guys. When my lease was about up I decided to stay and move into a larger unit! I love the diversity here and the quiet. Nice place. Thanks everybody.

~ Debbie H

This is a awesome place to live..Close to everything,shopping malls,restaurants,freeway.

~ mike.h