6 Easy Houseplants for Apartment Living

Houseplants are a great mood booster and they even remove toxins from the air. But not all houseplants are created equal. Some require very specific watering schedules, humidity levels and lighting conditions. On the flip side, there are a lot of houseplants that can be very easy to take care of and are hard to kill. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 houseplants that are basically indestructible and do well in apartments. Adding a little greenery to your apartment will brighten up your space and your life!

1. Pothos

This plant is truly one of the hardest plants to kill. Pothos like to dry out between waterings, but don't leave it dry for too long because the leaves will wilt and eventually fall off. They're tolerant of all light conditions, even artificial office lights. These plants do well on top of bookshelves or cabinets. Their leaves will vine down the length of whatever you put them on top of. And the coolest part? Each cutting can be rooted in water to create more plants!

2. Snake Plant

Snake plants are tolerant of low light and should be watered sparingly or it will rot. They’re another plant that is almost impossible to kill. Let your snake plant dry out between waterings and it will live a long and happy life. Snake plants can go weeks without water while holding their shape. They have a unique look to them which makes them a common statement piece in apartments.

3. ZZ Plant

This plant might need the least amount of light of all the houseplants on this list, but they also don’t mind bright light either, making them extremely versatile. ZZ plants are a good choice for frequent travelers or for those that often forget to water their plants, as they can withstand infrequent waterings.

4. Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plants are known for their dark green leaves and nearly indestructible nature. This plant does not like direct light and prefers to live in the darker corners of your apartment. They also don’t like to be overwatered, so make sure the soil dries out between waterings.

5. Rubber Plant

This plant likes bright, indirect light. Rubber plants like fairly dry soil, so avoid overwatering. Like most of the plants on this list, rubber plants are a toxin remover and air purifier. Occasionally rotate your rubber plant to keep it growing evenly on all sides. If you don’t, it will grow larger on whatever side is facing the window.

6. Spider Plant

Spider plants are another that do well in low light. They grow fast but don’t need a lot of room for their roots in whatever pot you’ve put them in, which means they do well in small spaces. They also do well as a hanging plant. This is another plant likes to dry out between waterings. Put your finger in the soil to determine if the dirt is dry. If the soil still feels a little moist, hold off on watering until it feels like it’s dried out.

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