How To Plan The Perfect Friendsgiving

What’s better than one Thanksgiving? Two Thanksgivings. That’s part of the fun of planning a Friendsgiving – which is Thanksgiving but with your friends. The point of Friendsgiving is to have a separate celebration to give thanks with all your pals because most people spend actual Thanksgiving with their family. Friendsgiving gives you the chance to connect with your friends during the holidays without the extra pressure of trying to see all your friends on different days. It brings everyone together in one room to celebrate the season of giving thanks. That's why we've made this list of tips for hosting the perfect Friendsgiving!

1. Scheduling is Key

The holidays can be a chaotic time, which is why scheduling is so important. Afterall, you can’t have the perfect Friendsgiving without your friends in attendance. That’s why we recommend setting the date for your Friendsgiving earlier in the month of November. Mid-November is probably the perfect time to host Friendsgiving to ensure people aren’t out of town. Ask your friends which day is good for them and pick the date that works for the most people.

2. Planning the Dishes

Friendsgiving works best as a potluck. That way everyone feels like they’ve contributed, and all the work isn’t left for the host. Assign your friends categories. Tell one friend they’re responsible for the potatoes, another friend they’re in charge of stuffing or dessert, etc. You can also ask if anyone has a preference of what they’d like to bring. It’s typical for the host to be in charge of the turkey. Have all your friends RSVP at least a couple of days before the event so you can let everyone else know how many people are coming so they bring the right amount of food.

3. Setting the Mood

In addition to bringing food, you can also assign certain friends to bring things like napkins, utensils, ice, or drinks (especially for the friends that aren’t feeling jazzed about cooking). Think about how you want to set up the serving situation. If you’re doing buffet style, you can wrap the utensils and place them for people to pick up at the end of the buffet line. Or if you’re doing family style, consider putting popular items in two separate dishes so people don’t have to pass things too far down the table. You can also decide to assign seats with fun name cards, or you can let everyone pick where they’d like to sit. Setting the proper fall mood is another important element of planning the perfect Friendsgiving. Click here to read our fall decorating tips. They’re quick and easy ways to turn your space into an autumn wonderland.

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