Resident Relief Foundation

Wasatch Property Management is partnered with Resident Relief Foundation. Resident Relief Foundation is a nonprofit grant program who's mission and goal is to keep residents in their homes during an unexpected financial crisis. It's a great organization and a few of our own Wasatch residents have been able to benefit from it.

This is one resident's story:

"I told my manager (Wasatch Property Management) about my situation. Nicole mentioned your organization. I had never heard of an organization like yours so I am eternally grateful to you both. In that moment, I felt hope and I went into this with prayer and a good attitude.

I truly thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You not only helped me with my rent but to also gain more knowledge about how to repair my credit, get my credit scores up and gain more financial knowledge to become stable and get ahead on life to accomplish more goals.

I'm working on myself to be able to do things on my own without having to ask for a handout. I know it starts with me and I'm going to strive and set the bar high to be secure financially. Thank you also for believing in me and trusting me with being responsible."

Thank you again!

Channae P. Hanford, CA

To learn more about Resident Relief Foundation visit them online at

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