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Spring Fun in Your Area

We love spring time because it give us an opportunity to get out and have some fun! We are so excited to share with you some fun spring events happing in your area!

-Pizza Party for Renewals on April 17

  • Pool Party on May 25
  • Donut Day on June 1

We hope we get the opportunity to hang out with you at these fun events. See you there!

Latest News

Nov 18
Let RentPlus Work for YOU!

RentPlus is a unique program to help you build your credit without incurring additional debt, and is only offered to our valued residents. Below are a few reasons why everyone should sign up! You’ve been paying your rent on time, let that benefit you!

Build your credit without taking out a loan or getting a credit card.

Build your credit profile by paying rent on time.

A higher credit score can reduce the cost of deposits, down payments, interest rates and insurance rates.

Your rent now shows as a line of credit without having to pay those high interest rates that credit card companies charge. Contact the leasing office today to ensure your entire household can benefit. We, at Parc West, can’t wait to see how you will make RentPlus work for YOU!