Tohono Chul is One of the World's Greatest Botanical Gardens
July 18, 2019

Tohono Chul is One of the World's Greatest Botanical Gardens

Not far from our East Tucson apartments is a fascinating destination that inspires stewardship of the natural world.

It's called Tohono Chul, and this incredible park is recognized as one of the world's greatest botanical gardens.

Tohono Chul features over 49 miles of trails, unique gardens, and much more.

Highlights include:

Hummingbird Garden

Filled with salvia, desert willow, and other flowers, this garden attracts thousands of hummers every year. One of the species most commonly seen is the black-throated hummingbird. They feature dull metallic green feathers on top and grayish-white ones below. Visitors will likely spot them hovering at the flowers or flying erratically to snatch tiny insects. 

Penstemon Garden

Also called beardtongue, penstemons have been cultivated since scientists first described them in 1748. They're a favorite among gardeners on both sides of the Atlantic. In the Sonoran Desert, their long, tubular flowers are frequented by hummingbirds. 

Butterfly Garden

Millions of monarch butterflies travel up to three thousand miles to winter along the California coast and in central Mexico. They're seen in Tohono Chul's butterfly garden, which features a Monarch Waystation. The Waystation means that the park is working with the Southwest Monarch Study to identify the migration patterns of monarch butterflies. 

Desert View Trail

Designed for the adventurous, the Desert View Trail wanders through an undisturbed area. It's popular among bird watchers and features nearly all of the park's night-blooming Cereus. Hikes may also spot bobcats, coyotes, and javelinas. 

South Loop Trail

Take a stroll along the South Loop Trail to see the land's largest grouping of saguaros. It offers a pleasant hike, and a rare crested saguaro is found at the path's highest point.

Tohono Chul is just one of the premier outdoor attractions near our eastside Tucson apartments. If you would like to become a resident of our vibrant community, please contact us to learn about our leasing options and to arrange a tour.