Picacho Peak State Park Offers Incredible Wildlife Viewing
January 17, 2019

Picacho Peak State Park Offers Incredible Wildlife Viewing

If you enjoy learning about animals in their natural habitat, don't miss visiting Picacho Peak State Park.

It's an easy drive from our East Tucson apartments, and the prominent 1,500-foot peak is visible 45 miles away in downtown.

The park is well-known for its unique geological significance, and as visitors explore the trails that wind up the peak, they'll see an array of wildlife such as:


While mainly nocturnal, badgers are sometimes seen during the day by visitors. They're short, stocky animals with long, thick claws that help them dig faster than any other mammal. Badgers spend much of their day in their den, and at night, they hunt for mice, woodchucks, and toads.

Cactus Wren

Noisy at all hours of the day, cactus wrens are chunky birds with a long, heavy bill and rounded tail. Their feathers are speckled brown, and adult males and females are the same color while juveniles are slightly paler. True to their name, cactus wrens perch atop cacti, and they announce their presence by singing a song that sounds like a car that won't start.

Western Banded Gecko

Abundant in the desert, western banded geckos grow between four and six inches long. Their skin is pale pink and brown-banded translucent, and their movable eyelids distinguish them for all other lizards in the area. When threatened, western banded geckos stand tall on their legs and wave their tail over their back. Their tail fat can sustain them for up to nine months, and if it breaks off, it can grow back.

The park also offers a visitor's center with fascinating exhibits and a store that's fun to explore.

The Picacho Peak State Park is just one of the many outdoor destinations near our apartment community. Please contact us to arrange a private tour where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.