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New To Our Residents - Updater

We have great news for all our newest residents! We have just started using Updater which is a fantastic new tool to help make moving easier. With this feature our newest residents can seamlessly transfer and connect utilities and home services. It becomes instantly easier to forward mail, notify business accounts of your new address, receive special moving related discounts, and send digital moving announcements to friends and family. We are so excited to be using this wonderful feature and we are so excited to share this with you.

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Jun 10
Sooth That Sunburn

Next time you get a bad sunburn, don’t just suffer through it. There are some things you can do to make the healing time better. Try using aloe vera gel or a spray anesthetic on the burned area. Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the pain, but stay away from aspirin. A cool bath, cool compresses, and drinking extra liquids can speed healing and help you feel better. It is also important to try to not get another sunburn while your skin is still healing. Call a doctor if your burn is particularly bad or you feel generally ill. Babies under the age of one should have immediate medical attention for any type of sunburn. Remember, though, that prevention is the always the best medicine, so use that sunscreen.