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New To Our Residents - Updater

We have great news for all our newest residents! We have just started using Updater which is a fantastic new tool to help make moving easier. With this feature our newest residents can seamlessly transfer and connect utilities and home services. It becomes instantly easier to forward mail, notify business accounts of your new address, receive special moving related discounts, and send digital moving announcements to friends and family. We are so excited to be using this wonderful feature and we are so excited to share this with you.

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Nov 14
Find Us On Twitter!

Did you know we are on Twitter? Our property management company, Wasatch Property Management, is on Twitter and we are ready for action! Follow @wpmisyourhome to stay up to date on the latest, find new ideas, and learn all about Wasatch. Click HERE to learn more!

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Sep 21
We Are On Instagram

We are so excited to announce that our company is now on Instagram! Follow @wasatchisyourhome on Instagram to find out more about our property, sister communities, and see other fun posts. You will learn more about our company values, meet team members, and get a glimpse of what we are all about. Click HERE follow @wasatchisyourhome now!!

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Aug 15
What Makes Eucalyptus Grove Special

Have you ever wondered what makes Eucalyptus Grove Apartments special? Don't worry! All the answers to your questions are here. One thing that makes Eucalyptus Grove so special is that we have smart apartments available. With the touch of a button you have the option to control your temperature, locks, and lighting. How convenient is that?! We also have upgraded apartment homes available with laminated wood flooring, energy efficient appliances, garages, and storage units available. With a ce...

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Jul 17
Make Your Apartment SMART

At Eucalyptus Grove Apartments we aim to provide the best experience possible. By signing up for smart apartments powered by Dwelo, you will find comfort at the touch of a button. With this feature you can unlock your front door using your cell phone which means no more searching to find your keys to unlock the door. You are also able to regulate energy usage by controlling the lights and air conditioning also from your phone. Sign up today to understand the luxury of smart apartments.

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Jun 29
Summer Fun

We are excited to share with you some of the fun summer events happening in our area:

-July 4th: Chula Vista 4th Fest at Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center from 6pm-9pm

-August 19th: Harbor Fest at Bayside Park from 10am-6pm

We hope you enjoy these fun activities. Eucalyptus Grove Apartments wishes you a happy summer!

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Jun 22
Top Rated Apartments

We are proud to announce that Eucalyptus Grove Apartments has made it onto ApartmentRatings list of 2016 Top Rated Properties! How fantastic is that?! These awards recognize properties with amazing resident satisfaction as measured on We are so excited to be a part of this list of outstanding properties. Share your experience with us by leaving a review on Yelp, Facebook, or right here on the resident portal. We love to hear your feedback!

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May 16
Spring Time Travel

This time of year can be a very busy season. Whether you are planning a trip in the future or going on one sometime soon, there are many things that would be useful to pack in your carry-on bag. Take a look at these tips:

-Chap Stick




-Cell Phone

-A Good Book


Eucalyptus Grove Apartments wishes you happy and safe travels during this season!

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Apr 24
Friends Make the BEST Neighbors

Friends make the best neighbors! At Eucalyptus Grove Apartments we offer you $350 for referring your friends. Come by the leasing office today to find out more information. You could benefit just for sharing your neighborhood with a friend. Learn more today!

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Mar 23
Spring Fun

Spring has sprung and we are so excited! There are so many different activities to participate in during this wonderful time of year. Eucalyptus Grove Apartments wants to provide you with some fun spring ideas and activities:

-Go on a hike


-Have a picnic

-Play a game of tennis

-Go camping

-Fly a kite

We hope these ideas help you make the most of this season!

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Feb 15
Go Green!

Going green can not only help us save the environment, but it can also help save you some money. At Eucalyptus Grove Apartments, we strive to make your life as efficient and easy as possible. We wanted to provide some easy ways to help you go green and even save a few dollars.

-Wash only full loads in the dishwasher.

-Air dry clothing.

-Use rags that can be reused instead of paper towels.

-Put electronics on power strips and turn them off when not in use.

-Make use of recharge...

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Jan 16
Follow Us on Pinterest!

Did you know we are on Pinterest? Catch up on the latest and greatest in apartment living, cute pets, and so much more!

Eucalyptus Grove Apartments wants you to get the most information you can so click HERE to follow us now!

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Dec 23
Complete ALL your New Year's Goals

The New Year comes with many resolutions that are often difficult to keep up with. We have come up with a few tips to keep you on track with your goals for the upcoming year.

Step 1: Write out your goals. This will help you to remember the exact items you wanted to accomplish.

Step 2: Create a plan of action. If you have practical steps to completing your plan you will be more likely to take action.

Step 3: Dont give up! It can be easy to not follow through with the goals you have ...

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Nov 18
Let Your Voice Be Heard!

We are so glad you call Eucalyptus Grove home! What do you love about living here?

Please review us online at Yelp, ApartmentRatings, Facebook, or here on the website!

We are always looking for ways to improve and accommodate you better. Providing excellent customer service is our #1 priority so please share your feedback!

Let your voice be heard! Log on and make a difference!

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Oct 21
Fall Favorites

Happy fall, everyone! This is such a wonderful time of year and we wanted to share some delicious coffee beverages to kick off this cozy season.

Pumpkin Spice Latte (of course!)

Salted Caramel Mocha

Caramel Apple Cider

Vanilla Chai with an add shot of espresso

These are a few of our favorite fall beverages here at Eucalyptus Grove Apartments. We hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful season!

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Sep 14
Food Safety for Pups

At Eucalyptus Grove Apartments we absolutely LOVE pets! We want all of our guests to know that when you live here your pets will be valued just as much as you are. We also care about the safety of your pets. We want to share a few items that you should AVOID giving to dogs in order to keep them happy and healthy!




All forms of Onions



We care about the safety of all pets. Be sure to avoid feeding your pups these treats in order to kee...

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Aug 5
Poolside Fun

Swimming in the summertime is an age old past time. Here are some fun ideas to entertain everyone!

Marco Polo This age old game will never get old! If you have never played this game before, one person is at one end of the pool with their eyes closed, while trying to capture the other. The players yell Marco and Polo to find each other in the pool.

Pool Noodle Charades Players take turns playing this guessing game while using a pool noodle. Some ideas could be an elephant, glasses...

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Jul 7
Packing for Vacation

Many people look forward to taking vacations in the summer time. Here are a few things you may not want to forget when going on your trips this summer:

First Aid Kit You will want to be prepared for anything, just in case!

Bathing Suit You may not think you will need it but its better to be safe than sorry.

Phone Charger In case of emergency you may want your phone. Also, your phone may double as your camera so you will want that even more so you can document your adventures....

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Jun 13
LIKE Us On Facebook!

Did you know that Eucalyptus Grove Apartments is social? Like us on Facebook today to stay up to date with the latest property news and events! Share our photos and learn about our resident referral programs in the office! You could get money off your rent! Click HERE to like our page today!

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May 12
Late Night Snacking

You could be waking up in the middle of the night ready for a snack or looking for something delicious to hold you over during a late night study session. Late night snacks can often be known to be unhealthy. However, here are some options that wont wreck your diet.

Sea salt popcorn

Rice cakes and almond butter

Blueberries and cottage cheese

These snacks are relatively healthy and will hold you over until your next meal. Happy snacking from Eucalyptus Grove to you!

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Mar 16
The Best Service Around!

What do you love the most about living at Eucalyptus Grove? We hope that you immediately thought of how fast your service requests are answered! Here at Eucalyptus Grove, we strive to complete all service requests in no more than 3 hours. Did you know that our average service time is actually 1 hour and 33 minutes? 95% of your service requests are completed within 3 hours.

We appreciate our maintenance staff and we hope you do too!

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Jan 25
Events in Chula Vista

There are always things happening in Chula Vista! That's what makes this city so great. Check out some local events happening through February!

Feb 13th - Canine Adoption Event

Feb 14th - Valentine's Day 5k

Feb 19th - Winter Brew Fest

Feb 20th - Color Vibe 5k

Check out a list of events happening in February! Click HERE to view the whole list.

Thanks for calling Eucalyptus Grove Apartments home.

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Dec 10
Happy Holidays!

The team at Eucalyptus Grove would like to formally wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year. As a reminder, we do accept packages here in the Leasing Office, don't forget to pick them up before the 25th! If we can accommodate you in any other way, please let us know. We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing your home, thank-you for calling Eucalyptus Grove home.

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Nov 5
Holiday Travel

Holiday travelers who try to get a head start on the competition might be falling into a holiday travel trap. According to statistics, those traveling between 50 and 99 miles travel more on Thursday than Wednesday and return more on Saturday than Sunday. The day of return is especially interesting, as many holiday travelers feel they're avoiding traffic by leaving a day early, though statistics suggest otherwise. What's more, long-distance travelers during the Christmas/New Year's period migh...

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Oct 15
Meals Ahead of Time

If you have time on the weekends, make a double portion of one of your family's favorite meals. Set aside enough for dinner the next day and freeze the remainder for a quick and easy meal on a weeknight when dinner is a rush. Be sure to seal and label your meal well. The night before you will need it, set it in the refrigerator and reheat it when you get home. If you do that each weekend, you will be sure to have a night of hassle-free dinner preparation each week. Time is precious!

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Aug 20
Improve Your Credit Score by Paying Rent?

RentPlus is a unique program to help you build your credit without incurring additional debt, and is only offered to our valued residents. Below are a few reasons everyone should sign up! Youre already paying your rent on time, let that work for you Build your credit without taking out a loan or getting a credit card Build your credit profile by paying monthly rent on time A higher credit score can reduce the cost of deposits, down payments, interest rates and insurance rates ...

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Jul 22

We are always looking at ways to make your life easier. How about a way to make paying your rent quicker, easier and more secure? With ePay you may pay by credit/debit card, e-check or MoneyGram it's all easy with ePay. You make your monthly rental payments online on a reoccurring basis instead of having to worry about making a special trip into the office every month! ePay gives you 24/7 access to log on to your account to make payments and check your account balance. No more calling the...

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Jun 10
Sooth That Sunburn

Next time you get a bad sunburn, dont just suffer through it. There are some things you can do to make the healing time better. Try using aloe vera gel or a spray anesthetic on the burned area. Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the pain, but stay away from aspirin. A cool bath, cool compresses, and drinking extra liquids can speed healing and help you feel better. It is also important to try to not get another sunburn while your skin is still healing. Call a doctor if your burn is particula...

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May 26

Potatoes are naturally low-fat, and are full of nutrients. Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark spot away from onions (which can make them sprout). Potatoes can be stored for 2-3 weeks. While potatoes are incredibly versatile, the most popular choice of preparation is mashed. To get smooth mashed potatoes with no lumps, use a potato ricer. This kitchen gadget looks like a large garlic press and gives you smooth, airy mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes can be prepared ahead and kept warm i...

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Apr 14
Water Conservation

The lack of water has become a major topic of concern especially in California. Eucalyptus Grove Apartments is working diligently to comply with the mandatory 25% reduction. So we ask everyone to do the same in making a strong effort as well. Be water-wise in your daily use and consider these simple water-saving steps: reducing shower times, shutting off water while brushing teeth and only washing full loads of laundry and dishes. Even a slow dripping faucet or a toilet that runs consta...

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Apr 3

This proverb can be dated back several centuries. Even those who repeat the proverb are likely unaware it dates back to an English poet and farmer who made a name for himself nearly half a millennium ago. Thomas Tusser, an English poet in the 16th century, is best known for many proverbs. The poem includes the line \"Sweet April showers do bring May flowers.\" That proverb has since widely been shortened to \"April showers bring May flowers.\" As much as those words have held up over...

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Feb 26
Telescope Fun

Have you ever wanted to know more about the night sky? A telescope is the perfect way to expand your horizons. If you should find a telescope under the tree this year, keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your viewing time. Try to travel outside of the range of city lights for the best viewing experience. Air pollution can also inhibit good viewing, so head for a site with higher elevation. Set your telescope on flat ground and away from buildings and any heat source. Make sure that...

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Dec 30

Solar eclipses occur fairly frequently, typically two to five times per year. One possible explanation as to why this fact may surprise people is due to the relatively small area of the ground covered totally during a solar eclipse. Unlike a lunar eclipse, which covers roughly half of Earth's surface, a solar eclipse only covers a few miles in width. Although human beings have spent millennia associating solar eclipses with doom, no such evidence exists to suggest such theories are accurate. ...

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Nov 3
Four Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving Meal

All perishables should be promptly refrigerated. Clean your hands and all surfaces that have been in contact with raw meat before touching anything else. This includes cutting boards, knives, utensils, and countertops. Your turkey should not be stuffed until right before entering the oven, and temperature should be set to at least 325 degrees. Promptly refrigerate all leftovers. If food has been left out longer than two hours, it should be discarded. Refrigerated stuffing should be eaten with...

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Sep 3
September’s Harvest Moon

The September Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon by Native Americans of New England because at this time of the year, the light from the full moon extends the hours of light into the evening, helping the harvesters with their work. Due to its orbital path around the earth, the moon rises later each day. The Harvest Moon is special because the time difference between night and morning that day is much shorter than usual, thus eliminating the long darkness between sunset and moonrise.

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Jul 25

Though its difficult to call it official, the 2004 wedding of Vanisha Mittal, daughter of steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, is considered the most expensive wedding in history. With a final tab of $60 million, the wedding included invitations mailed in silver boxes, rooms at a five-star Paris hotel, and performances by pop singer Kylie Minogue. That final price tag dwarfs another famously expensive wedding, that of British soccer star Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen McLoughlin. The Manchester Un...

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Apr 29
Grocery Shopping Tip

It pays to be aware of the marketing tricks at the grocery store. Products displayed at eye-level are generally the most expensive. This is partly because manufacturers have to pay a hefty premium to get their products in those prime spots, and partly because it is the biggest manufacturers that are willing and able to pay those prices. You will find bargains up high, or down low on the bottom shelves.

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Feb 4

What you eat makes a difference in the health of the planet. Try eating closer to home. Try to find produce, dairy, and meat that is grown and raised in our area. You can speak with the produce manager at the local grocery store to find out where those grapes and tomatoes are grown. You can also visit farmers markets or local farms. These efforts contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier lifestyle.

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Oct 2
Fire Safety

We never want to think about the unthinkable, but the possibility of a fire emergency is something that we all need to be concerned about and aware of. Make sure that your provided smoke detector is continually on and properly working. Test the alarm once a month; if you hear a constant beep from the alarm, it may need a fresh battery. Know the location of fire extinguishers both in your home and throughout the complex. Review emergency diagrams, be aware of alarm boxes, and take note of all ...

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Aug 7

Everyone knows that aluminum cans are recyclable, bud did you know that most plastic containers are also recyclable? Just check for the recycle symbol on the container. We'd like to encourage all our residents to take advantage of our recycling program. For your convenience, recycling bins are located throughout the property. Just dispose of your recyclables in the proper bins and we'll take care of the rest. If you have any questions about what you can put in the recycle bins, please feel ...

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Feb 7
Welcome to Resident Services!

Easy living just got easier with our new Resident Center! Now you can submit a service request, testimonial or find out about all upcoming events held for our residents. Check in often for even more updates!

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