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We are so excited to announce that our company is now on Instagram! Follow @wasatchisyourhome on Instagram to find out more about our property, sister communities, and see other fun posts. You will learn more about our company values, meet team members, and get a glimpse of what we are all about. Click HERE follow @wasatchisyourhome now!!

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Nov 14
Find Us On Twitter!

Did you know we are on Twitter? Our property management company, Wasatch Property Management, is on Twitter and we are ready for action! Follow @wpmisyourhome to stay up to date on the latest, find new ideas, and learn all about Wasatch. Click HERE to learn more!

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Sep 21
Holiday Events

Fall is here! And we are so excited to share with you some of the amazing events that are happening in the area.

  • Oktoberfest Northwest at the Washington State Fair Events Center from October 6th through October 8th from 12pm to midnight.

  • New Years Eve Fireworks at the Space Needle on December 31st.

We hope you enjoy all that is happening around Burnett Station Apartments during this season!

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Aug 15
Go Green!

Going green can not only help us save the environment, but it can also help save you some money. At Burnett Station Apartments, we strive to make your life as efficient and easy as possible. We wanted to provide some easy ways to help you go green and even save a few dollars.

-Wash only full loads in the dishwasher.

-Air dry clothing.

-Use rags that can be reused instead of paper towels.

-Put electronics on power strips and turn them off when not in use.

-Make use of rechargea...

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Jul 17
Have Questions?

Here at Burnett Station Apartments we aim to maintain open communication. One of our goals is to answer any questions you may have. Check the frequently asked question section of our website and see if weve answered any of the questions that you may have. If you still have remaining questions feel free to give our office a visit. Click HERE to check it out!

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Jun 29
Summer Fun

We are excited to share with you some of the fun summer events happening in our area:

-July 8th: Seattle Seafair Pirates Traditional Landing at Alki Beach at 1:30pm

-July 9th: Return to Renton Car Show in Downtown Renton from 8am-4pm

-Starting July 11th: Farmers Market in Downtown Renton every Tuesday

-July 15th: Downtown Renton Summer Fest at Piazza Park and Pavillion from 3pm-7pm

-July 29th: Seafair Torchlight Parade at 7:30pm

-August 6th: Seattle Salmon Fest

-August 21...

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Jun 22
Make Your Apartment SMART

At Burnett Station Apartments we aim to provide the best experience possible. By signing up for smart apartments powered by Dwelo, you will find comfort at the touch of a button. With this feature you can unlock your front door using your cell phone which means no more searching to find your keys to unlock the door. You are also able to regulate energy usage by controlling the lights and air conditioning also from your phone. Sign up today to understand the luxury of smart apartments.

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May 16
Warm Weather Fun

Sunny weather ahead! This season can be such a fun and refreshing time. There are many different outdoor activities that will keep you busy and having fun.

-Go for a jog

-Host a cookout

-Play golf

-Go on a nature walk



-Play tennis

-Read outdoors

Burnett Station Apartments hopes that you have so much fun making the most of this season!

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Apr 24
Friends Make the BEST Neighbors

Friends make the best neighbors! At Burnett Station Apartments we offer you $250 for referring your friends. Come by the leasing office today to find out more information. You could benefit just for sharing your neighborhood with a friend. Learn more today!

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Mar 17
Spring Fun

Spring has sprung and we are so excited! There are so many different activities to participate in during this wonderful time of year. Burnett Station Apartments wants to provide you with some fun spring ideas and activities:

-Go on a hike


-Have a picnic

-Play a game of tennis

-Go camping

-Fly a kite

We hope these ideas help you make the most of this season!

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Feb 15
It's a Month of Love!

February is the month of love! Whether you want to show your significant other that you love them or someone else around you, there are many different things you can do to show that you care. Here are a few tips we want to share so that you can make those around you feel loved all year long!

-Leave a note: Leave someone you care about a note letting them know how much they mean to you and your favorite qualities about them. This will make their day!

-Bring a treat: Bring them something ...

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Jan 16
Avoid Catching a Cold

When the weather is chilly, it becomes instantly easier to catch a cold. We have come up with a few ways to help you avoid catching a bug this winter season.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: There are many health benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar. If you drink 1 oz. a day it should help boost your immune system and stimulate digestion.

  • Vitamin C: This will also help boost your immune system. Try orange juice, lemons, strawberries, or even vitamin C packets you can buy at the store.


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Dec 23
Complete ALL your New Year's Goals

The New Year comes with many resolutions that are often difficult to keep up with. We have come up with a few tips to keep you on track with your goals for the upcoming year.

Step 1: Write out your goals. This will help you to remember the exact items you wanted to accomplish.

Step 2: Create a plan of action. If you have practical steps to completing your plan you will be more likely to take action.

Step 3: Dont give up! It can be easy to not follow through with the goals you have ...

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Nov 18
Make the Holidays a Breeze

The holidays can be a crazy time of year. There are so many events and parties that happen in such a short amount of time that it can become overwhelming. Well, we have a few tips that can help you prepare for such a fun-packed time of year.

-Prepare in advance as much as possible. It is better to have all the food prepped and ready to go before things get crazy. You should also clean in advance in order to avoid running around right before guests arrive.

-Buy what you need all at once...

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Oct 21
Food Safety for Pups

At Burnett Station Apartments we absolutely LOVE pets! We want all of our guests to know that when you live here your pets will be valued just as much as you are. We also care about the safety of your pets. We want to share a few items that you should AVOID giving to dogs in order to keep them happy and healthy!




All forms of Onions



We care about the safety of all pets. Be sure to avoid feeding your pups these treats in order to keep...

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Sep 14
Follow Us on Pinterest!

Did you know we are on Pinterest? Catch up on the latest and greatest in apartment living, cute pets, and so much more!

Burnett Station Apartments want you to get the most information you can so click HERE to follow us now!

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Aug 5
Packing for Vacation

Many people look forward to taking vacations in the summer time. Here are a few things you may not want to forget when going on your trips this summer:

First Aid Kit You will want to be prepared for anything, just in case!

Bathing Suit You may not think you will need it but its better to be safe than sorry.

Phone Charger In case of emergency you may want your phone. Also, your phone may double as your camera so you will want that even more so you can document your adventures....

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Jul 7
Poolside Fun

Swimming in the summertime is an age old past time. Here are some fun ideas to entertain everyone!

Marco Polo This age old game will never get old! If you have never played this game before, one person is at one end of the pool with their eyes closed, while trying to capture the other. The players yell Marco and Polo to find each other in the pool.

Pool Noodle Charades Players take turns playing this guessing game while using a pool noodle. Some ideas could be an elephant, glasses...

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Jun 13
Summer Time S'mores

It can be so much fun to sit by the campfire, roast some marshmallows, and make a sweet treat. Here are some fun suggestions to put a twist on the summer classic.

Mix up the base Try making your smores using different types of graham crackers. Try using cinnamon sugar, vanilla, or even chocolate flavors!

Mix up the sweets Experiment with different types of chocolates. You could try dark chocolate, peanut butter cups, or white chocolate.

Mix up the fluffiness There are so man...

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May 12
Let Your Voice Be Heard!

We are so glad you call Burnett Station Apartments home! What do you love about living here?

Please review us online at Yelp, ApartmentRatings, Facebook, or here on the website!

We are always looking for ways to improve and accommodate you better. Providing excellent customer service is our #1 priority so please share your feedback!

Let your voice be heard! Log on and make a difference!

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Mar 16
The Best Service Around!

What do you love the most about living at Burnett Station? We hope that you immediately thought of how fast your service requests are answered! Here at Burnett Station, we strive to complete all service requests in no more than 3 hours.

We appreciate our maintenance staff and we hope you do too!

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Jan 21
Like Us On Facebook!

Burnett Station is getting social! LIKE us on Facebook to stay up to date with community news and events. We post about specials running, property news, and fun articles. Like us today by clicking HERE.

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Dec 10
Holiday Safety

We want all our residents to have a safe and joyful holiday season. With that in mind please follow these simple precautions to avoid holiday fire hazards. Be sure to check your lights for defects before stringing them. Defective lights can cause a spark. Don't forget to unplug all electric decorations before leaving your home or going to bed. If you are displaying a freshly cut Christmas tree, water it daily to keep it from drying out. Dry trees are extremely flammable. Thank you...

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Nov 5
Cold Weather Tips

We have some cold weather tips for you and your pets as you prepare for winter. Any short haired animal should not be left outside for long periods during cold weather. If you must leave your dog outdoors, provide a dry, draft-free doghouse. Make sure that water left outside has not frozen. Pets need more water in the winter, as they are using extra energy keeping warm. They also may need more food during colder weather. Keep antifreeze away from your pets, as it can be fatal. It is attractiv...

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Oct 29
November In History

The world's time zones were set as a treaty went into effect that established Greenwich, England, as the Prime Meridian (1884). The Wizard of Oz was broadcast for the first time on television to 45 million viewers (1956). President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address (1863). Irma Rombauer self-published America's favorite all-purpose cookbook, "The Joy of Cooking" (1931). American musician Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington (1942). The Berlin Wall was opened for the fir...

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Aug 20
Improve Your Credit Score by Paying Rent?

RentPlus is a unique program to help you build your credit without incurring additional debt, and is only offered to our valued residents. Below are a few reasons everyone should sign up! Youre already paying your rent on time, let that work for you Build your credit without taking out a loan or getting a credit card Build your credit profile by paying monthly rent on time A higher credit score can reduce the cost of deposits, down payments, interest rates and insurance rates ...

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Jul 21
Online Rent Payments

We are always looking at ways to make your life easier. How about a way to make paying your rent quicker, easier and more secure? With ePay you may pay by credit/debit card, e-check or MoneyGram it's all easy with ePay. You make your monthly rental payments online on a reoccurring basis instead of having to worry about making a special trip into the office every month! ePay gives you 24/7 access to log on to your account to make payments and check your account balance. No more calling the...

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Jun 10
Hot Color for Summer-2015

What will the most popular accent color for the summer of 2015? Why, lime green, of course. Expect to see this fresh, natural hue manifest in a variety of materials and textures from throw pillows and vases to outdoor umbrellas and furniture. So dont be afraid to lime-up any dcor this summer, color wise that is. Excerpt from Zillow Blog

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May 27
Meals Ahead of Time

If you have time on the weekends, make a double portion of one of your family's favorite meals. Set aside enough for dinner the next day and freeze the remainder for a quick and easy meal on a weeknight when dinner is a rush. Be sure to seal and label your meal well. The night before you will need it, set it in the refrigerator and reheat it when you get home. If you do that each weekend, you will be sure to have a night of hassle-free dinner preparation each week. Time is precious!

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Apr 9
Have Friends Become Your Neighbors

Find out how easy it is to earn an extra $300 just by talking to your friends! Stop into our office and we will be happy to explain how our resident referral program works! At Burnett Station Apartments we love to reward our residents who tell their friends or co-workers all about us and they, in turn, become their neighbors by living in our community!

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Apr 3
Origin of the Easter Bunny

Ever wonder why Easter is celebrated with a bunny and colored eggs? The history of the Easter bunny can be traced back to pre-Christian times, to a pagan fertility goddess named Eostrefrom which the word Easter was derived. Representing the season of spring and renewal, the pagan goddess was often accompanied by a hare. Some legends tell that Eostre granted the hare powers to lay eggs once a year. Thus, through the centuries and numerous interpretations, we celebrate what we kn...

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Feb 26

March 8th is Daylight Savings Time when we change our clocks and "Spring Forward". Now is the time to get back on track with your New Year's Resolutions and get ahead on some plans you have made for this summer. It's critical to plan in advance and begin working on your plan, step by step, months in advance. If you want to get a new job, get in shape for summer or go on a fabulous vacation, take some initial steps now. When you take that first step you move forward, you spring forward and you...

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Dec 30

In today's economy, more people are looking for work. One way is to post your resume online, but take care. Identity thieves use these sites to steal information. These tips can help minimize your risk. Use only sites that protect your personal data. Casual browsers should not see your full name, address, etc. If a potential employer is interested, they should get personal information only by request from you. If you do receive a job offer, be cautious if it seems too good to be true. It may ...

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Nov 3
Talking Turkey

As the leaves turn and the air becomes crisper, there's no doubt that fall is upon us and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And no Thanksgiving is complete without everyone's favorite fowl. But did you ever wonder where this succulent bird got its unique name? And why it has to share it with a country half way around the globe? The reason has to do with a simple case of mistaken identity. When the Spanish first found the bird and brought it back to Europe, the English mistook it for a t...

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Sep 3

Buying a car is one of the most stressful consumer purchases. Being prepared reduces that stress. Your first task is to decide what you want. Make a list of features that are important to you and have a solid number in mind regarding price to ensure your new vehicle fits your budget. Next, realize that your choices affect the price you pay. Upgrades increase the price, but you can splurge on some upgrades if you're willing to go with a lower-priced vehicle to start. Ask yourself if yo...

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Jul 24

As you know, the management staff here is dedicated to serving you, and we appreciate our residents. Don't hesitate to stop by the management offices to say hello, and to let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your home, or your satisfaction with this community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our longer-term residents for continuing to choose our community for your home. We would also like to welcome our newer residents to the community. We have a great group...

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Apr 28

On this Mothers Day, we should all remember our mothers by calling them and saying, I love you. They deserve it! We all probably take for granted all that our mothers went through to bring us up into this world. Through the years, there were moments we didn't have much time to say hi to our moms because we were busy creating our own lives. Thats why we should call her this Mothers Day and tell her how much we love her. If your mother is no longer with you, send the message out to the u...

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Feb 3

Researchers for the YMCA found that 70 percent of exercisers who set specific goals stuck with their programs for an entire year. Over 75 percent of those who did not set goals dropped out. One easy way to set and keep your fitness goals is to use a training log. Be sure to keep it simple to ensure success. Record the type and duration of your workouts and cardio sessions and your total exercise time.

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Sep 3
ePay Online Rent Payment

Starting October 1st 2013, we will no longer be accepting paper rent. This means actual rent checks, money orders, cashiers checks and checks sent to us by your bank. Our online payment system is convenient, easy and free to pay by echeck. All you need is your bank account routing number and account number. If you do not have a bank account, you can pay with cash at any Money Gram location or use your credit card. Look for more instructions to come and dont hesitate to stop by the leasing...

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Feb 7
Welcome to Resident Services!

Easy living just got easier with our new Resident Center! Now you can submit a service request, testimonial or find out about all upcoming events held for our residents. Check in often for even more updates!

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