Wasatch Premier Communities

Seeking to Elevate all People We are Given the Opportunity to Serve

About Us

Our Commitment 

Our Mission

Wasatch Premier Communities’ purpose is based on the following fundamental doctrines:

1. Provide a superior quality of living to our residents.

2. Research and invest in matters that bring value to those we serve.

3. Practice environmental stewardship and civic service by giving back to our communities.

With each interaction we make, Wasatch Premier Communities extends an open invitation to join the Wasatch Family where we take a proactive approach to the needs of our residents, team members, business partners, and communities.


Resident First Mindset

We’re Different On Purpose

3 Hour Service Response Program –  Our maintenance teams strive to complete all service requests in under 3 hours which empowers our maintenance team members to be heroes and shows our residents we respect their time.

60 Day Maintenance Supply – We stock all maintenance supplies with a 60 day inventory to provide our residents with the most efficient service which keeps stress levels at a minimum for both our maintenance teams and our residents.

Intentional Preparation – We commit to providing lasting impressions of respect with our prospects and residents by intentionally preparing for each scheduled appointment we have whether that is a community tour, a service request, or scheduled office visit.

Investing In The Future  - We care deeply about our neighbors and strive to make our communities better by each interaction we make whether through philanthropic activities, community service, or environmental stewardship.

Leveraging Technology – Through research and investments, we are committed to leveraging technology to simplify the lives of our team members, prospects, residents, and business partners.