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Holiday Events

Fall is here! And we are so excited to share with you some of the amazing events that are happening at Peppertree Apartments.

  • November 17: Fall Craft (Holiday Wreath)

  • November 22: Thanksgiving Dinner Feast

  • December 1: Donuts and Coffee

  • December 8: Book Club (The Great Gatsby)

  • December 15: Christmas Gift Giveaway and Card Making

  • December 20: Holiday Party

Don't forget, we also have Scrabble every Monday at 10am and we have Bingo/Games on the second Wednesday of every month.

We hope you enjoy all that is happening around Peppertree Apartments during this season!

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Sep 4
Eat Fewer Processed Foods

Next time you’re hungry for a snack, skip the bag of chips for something wholesome and less processed. Watch out for foods that are loaded with refined sugars, sodium, preservatives and additives. An excess of these foods in your diet could increase blood pressure, cause weight gain and skin problems, and may make you feel sluggish. Make the decision to choose nutrient rich foods such as grains, whole wheat breads, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll feel better and your body will thank you in the long run.